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The official A State of Trance experience with an overnight stay, transfer to/from the venue, and your A State Of Trance entrance tickets. 

Special extra: a limited edition ASOT850 flag will be ready for you in your hotel room (1 flag per booked room).


The full line up has been announced:

Date & time

A State Of Trance 850 will take place on February 17th 2018 in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (Netherlands). 

Show starts: 22:00H
Show ends: 06:00H

Mark your calendars!

On the 17th of February 2018 A State Of Trance will be back in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, with this Year's Theme: Be In The Moment. It will be a night to never forget.

Book your A State Of Trance hotel package and receive a free limited edition ASOT850 flag!

design your own package

Design your own travel package with entrance tickets, hotel of your choice in Amsterdam or Utrecht and transfer to/from the venue.

The ASOT travel team has selected the best hotels and offer you a 24/7 service number during your stay for a relaxed and carefree ASOT experience.

we're here to help

Please contact us for questions and special wishes at or WhatsApp on +31(0)6 52 382 382. 

You will receive your hotel reservation and official E-tickets straight after you have completed your booking. Your free ASOT850 flag (1 per booked room) will be ready in your hotel room.


Article 1 - The Organization
The Organization is a private limited company under Dutch law having its registered office in Amstelveen. It is the provider of travel packages, on behalf of the event organizer.

Article 2 – Package information
2.1 The organizer will design the website in such way that all necessary information about the offered package is shown to the booker before the booker continues to the buying process and acceptance of the offered package. The information consists of at least;
a. general information of the hotel,
b. general information of the room
c. information about the transfer
d. general information about the event. 
2.2 The organizer is not responsible for general information in photos, brochures, adverts, websites and other information carriers insofar as produced or published under the responsibility of third parties.

Article 3 - Creation and content of contract
3.1 Offer and acceptance
The booking is created upon the booker’s acceptance of the organizer’s package offer. After the booking, the booker receives confirmation per mail.
3.2 In the case of a booking via Internet, the organizer designs the buying process such that, before acceptance, the booker is informed that he is accepting the offer and that the booking is definitive. By confirming the booking by the organizer, the booker is committed to the booking.
3.3 By accepting the offer the booker(s) agree to the terms and conditions of the service providers which are included in the package.

Article 4 - The booker
4.1 Any person who enters into a contract on behalf of or for the benefit of another person or a group of persons is severally liable for all obligations arising from the contract.

Article 5 - Payment
The package sum must be paid immediately and in full.

Article 6 - Package documents
6.1. The booker will receive directly after payment of the package the confirmation via email. With the confirmation the booker can check in at the designated hotel. At the hotel the booker can pick up the event tickets at the designated counter which is seated at the hotel.

Article 7 – Organization’s information
The information give to the booker will consist of;
a. Opening time counter
b. Address hotel
c. Opening time event

Article 8 - Hotel information
The organizer will provide the booker on forehand through their website of all necessary information about the hotel which is part of the package. The information on the website is based upon the information given by the hotel to the organizer. In case the information is not correct upon arrival, the booker is obliged to inform the hotel and the representative of the organizer. In case of complaints about the facilities or service provided by the hotel the booker has to inform the hotel and the representative of the organizer.

Article 9- The booker(s) obligations
All ensuing costs are borne by the booker if and insofar as the consequences of the nuisance or trouble can be attributed to him/her or if the booker did not follow the regulations of any of the other service providers

Article 10 - Aid and assistance
10.1 The organizer is obliged, depending on the circumstances, to afford the booker aid and assistance if the package does not live up to the expectations that the latter could reasonably have on the grounds of the information. The ensuing costs are borne by the organizer, if the failure to fulfill the package as offered to the booker(s) can be attributed to it.
10.2 If the cause is attributable to the booker(s), the organizer is only obliged to afford aid and assistance insofar as this can be reasonably required. In this case, the costs are borne by the booker.
10.3 If the package of part of the package fails to meet the expectations that the latter could reasonably have on the grounds of the contract due to circumstances attributable to neither the booker nor the organizer, each party will bear its own loss.

Article 11 – Travel Documents
11.1 The booker him/herself is responsible for obtaining any necessary information from the authorities about passports and visas and also for making timely enquiries before departure to ascertain whether the earlier-obtained information has not changed in the meantime.
11.2 If the booker is not accepted by a service provider because of the absence of any (valid) document, this and all resulting consequences will be for his account.

Article 12 - Changes instigated by the booker
12.1 After the creation of the contract the booker can not alter the package. 
12.2 Rejections will be motivated with reasons and promptly communicated to the booker. The booker can change or cancel the original package. If the booker cancel the package, art 15 is applicable.

Article 13 - Cancellation by the booker
The package as booked is not refundable when cancelled by the booker.

Article 14 - Cancellation by the organizer
14.1 The organizer has the right to cancel the package on account of weighty circumstances.
14.2 Weighty circumstances are circumstances that are of such a nature that the organizer can no longer be reasonably required to fulfill the package.
14.3.1 If the cause of the cancellation is attributable to the booker, the booker is liable for the resulting loss.
14.3.2 If the cause of the cancellation is attributable to the organizer, the organizer is liable for the total amount of the package which has to be refunded to the booker.
14.3.3 If the cause of the cancellation is attributable to neither the booker nor the organizer, each party bears its own share of the loss.
14.4 In case the event, will be cancelled by the event organizer, the event organization will reimburse clients the full amount of the package. except all booking and transaction fees.
The organization will inform the client immediately after being informed by the event organizer that the event has been cancelled. The organizer can not be held responsible or liable for any costs the booker made through parties other then the organizer. The organizer will not reimburse any other costs or damages in case of cancellation of the event.
14.5 EventAgent can never be held liable for damage resulting from death, injury, accident, crimping, loss, damage or theft caused to the client during or as a result of a visit to the event or location as part of the package.

Article 15 - Exclusion and limitation of organization’s liability
15.1 If any service included in the package is governed by a Treaty that acknowledges or permits exclusion or limitation of the service provider's liability, the organizer’s liability is accordingly excluded or limited.
15.2 Nor is the organizer liable if and insofar as the booker has been able to claim his/her loss under an insurance policy, such as a travel and/or holiday cancellation insurance policy.
15.3 If the organizer is liable vis-à-vis the booker for loss of enjoyment, the compensation will not exceed the travel sum.
15.4 The exclusions and/or limitations of the organiser's liability included in this article also apply to the staff of the organizer, the booking office and the service providers involved, as well as their staff, unless this is excluded by a Treaty or Act.



Due care
EventAgent makes every possible effort to ensure that the information contained on this website is reliable and up to date. It is nonetheless possible that the information offered contains errors and/or is incomplete. Under no circumstances can EventAgent be held liable for obvious mistakes and typographical and entry errors.

EventAgent reserves the right to change the prices and packages without the visitor’s permission and to make changes to the website if the situation so requires. All travel information is subject to change in the interim.

Electronic communication and evidence
EventAgent is not liable for any misunderstanding, mutilation, delay or failure to properly transfer data and messages as a result of the use of the Internet or any other means of communication in the transactions between the visitor and EventAgent (or between EventAgent and third parties engaged by the visitor), unless and only insofar as there has been an intentional act or omission or gross negligence on the part of EventAgent.

The photographs shown on EventAgent’s site are made available by the providers of the accommodation, the local tourist information offices and a number of (professional) photographers. The photographs of the accommodation are intended only to offer an idea. Because not every hotel room is the same, it is possible that the accommodation received on location will be different than the photograph. Under no circumstances can EventAgent be held liable for obvious printing errors.

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Privacy Policy

EventAgent respects and protects the privacy of users of this website. All personal data that we receive are treated confidentially. When you visit our website we collect various data so that we can offer you optimal services. Below we will concretely explain to you what data we collect and what we do with those data.
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We need to receive a number of personal details from you in order to place a booking: your name, address, date of birth, telephone number/numbers and e-mail address. Those personal data are used exclusively for matters that are related to your booking, such as insurance, invoices and tickets.

Dutch Data Protection Act
EventAgent respects the privacy of all the users of our website and ensures that the personal information that you provide us is treated confidentially and with all due care. We use your data in order to place your booking, in order to provide you with information quickly and carefully about your trip, services, possible partners, and in order to perform internal analyses so that that we can improve our services.

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